About Us

About Us

1. Introduction

According to international trade acts , Noornegar Trading Company Ltd. Established in 2002 under the license No.198827 . The fields of activity are :
Performing all commercial( importing & exporting ) services regarding
audio-visual and photography and digital equipments ; participating in government and private bids .
Basically , starting a commercial activity in private sector is very easy but the Goals and performance , creativity , experience , knowledge and management Are the key factors for continuing and stability on which the activity should be Based. Considering the creativity , optimal performance , market analysis and Experience, Noornegar has achieved great success since its establishment. Our motto is : To help others choose the goods they want and the satisfaction They achieve through their purchase.
To this point , we have made proper interactions with suppliers in Japan,China, United States , Hong Kong and many other countries , with almost 2 million USD transaction monthly.( 45% on Canon , 25% on Nikon , 5% on Lighting Equip. , 5% on Memory Cards and USB Flashes , 20% on Batteries , Filters , Bags and Tripods ) .
Today , 25 expert and educated staff in different fields serve at Noornegar, Such as sales, consulting, technical, education, web marketing, etc.
In order to cover and expand the on-line sales ,we established our website www.noornegar.com focusing on providing information , on-line consulting , reviews , etc.
This site is capable of introducing all kind of modern technology devices such
As digital cameras , CCTV cameras , lenses , tripods, bags , memory cards , etc. from major brands like Canon , Nikon , Fujifilm , Benro , Hahnel , Photoflex , Microdia . . . to a large audience in the country. For a period of time , we also worked with Visible Dust and LensPen of Canada ( cleaning devices ) , Naneu Bags of USA and Delkin Devices of USA ( Memory Cards ) as well .
And sure it is a source and reference for both amateurs and professionals giving Latest information , news , educational materials as well as prices. It has a 11000 Visitors per day according to Alexa web statistics.

We have also translated Camera Manuals into Persian with maximum fidelity To the original ones.

Besides these activities , Noornegar holds educational seminars and workshops And is the major sponsor for Iranian Society of Photographers and many other Photographic societies.

With over 200 retail stores throughout the country which rely on Noornegar for goods , our range of customers is expanding day by day.

There are 4 owned shops with showrooms and 4 logistic offices that support the 200 retail stores and dealers .

With our modern and well equipped repair workshop, we are the first in Iran Which issues his customers the best guarantee and even insurance they can get. In order to ease the handling of the shipments , we had established an offices in Hong Kong and Germany as well .

2. Address :

Head Office Address :

No.673 , 7th floor, Bahar Tower , South Bahar St., Tehran , Iran .

Tel : +98 21 77616333(10lines)
Fax : +98 21 77617179
Web : www.noornegar.com

e-mail : mf@dorbinshop.com

Hong Kong Office Address :

Unit 902 , 9/F , Technology Park , 18 on LAI Sreet , Shek Mun , Shatin, N.T. , HK

Tel : +852 8191 7360